Macroecology and Biodiversity Conservation
research group

We are a research group based at Sapienza University of Rome investigating global challenges to biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability at multiple ecological scales.

The Macroecology and Biodiversity Conservation (MBC) is a joint initiative between the Global Mammal Assessment lab (GMA), the Ecology and Conservation lab, the Biodiversity Conservation under Global Change lab and the Macroecology and Conservation lab. 

Our research group addresses fundamental questions in the fields of conservation biology, macroecology, biogeography and global change science (our publications).
We believe in the importance of developing scientific knowledge to drive a structural shift towards a more sustainable society. We aim to promote a deeper understanding in the field of conservation biology to inform decision makers at local, national and global scales.

Every year our labs welcome students and researchers from different parts of the world and we collaborate worldwide with other research centers, NGOs and GOs.
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We are based in the Department of Biology and Biotechnologies “Charles Darwin” at Sapienza University, in Rome (Italy).